Let us introduce you to the trusted brands we offer:

Giant brand gas water heaters are proudly manufactured in Canada 🇨🇦, since 1950. Giant tanks are insulated with GREENFOAM™ insulation – a product unique to Giant. The insulating qualities are cutting edge and environmentally safe; and contains no HCFC’s, CFC’s, nor any VOC’s!

Bradford White gas water heaters are an internationally recognized water heater manufacturer with company history dating back to 1881. Bradford White tanks feature Hydro Jet Total Performance System technology, a sediment reduction system, extending the life and efficiency of the tank.

Selecting the right water heater for your home.
Gas water heaters come in different models and which you choose depends on a few factors: the size of the building, building configuration and construction are all considered when determining which model is the best choice for your situation.
We'll set up an appointment with one of our trusted and qualified technicians - free of charge - to help you easily determine which style of gas water heater is right for your residential or commercial application.

The location of the water heater and its proximity to exterior walls or chimney are important when determining which style should be installed.

There are three main types of storage style gas hot water heaters:

Conventional/Natural Vent (CV/NV)

  • Used when there is an existing chimney and where the chimney can be used to vent the water heater to the outside.
  • Operation is quiet, and does not require a blower motor or electricity to operate.

Power Vented (PV)

  • Vents out the side of the house, no chimney is necessary.
  • Does not need to be located close to an outside wall.
  • A blower motor is located on top of the water heater to vent gases to the outside, allowing a longer travel time for venting.
  • Blower motor requires electricity to operate and has a mild fan noise.

Direct Vent (DV)

  • Used where there is insufficient combustible air or where air is unsuitable for combustion (i.e. bedroom or bathroom installations).
  • If located within a short distance of an exterior wall, it can be vented directly through the outside wall.
  • This unit does not require a blower motor to vent exhaust, and uses outside air for combustion.
  • This tank is quiet, and does not require electricity to operate.

We understand each home is unique and that's why we are happy to accommodate many different styles of installations with our wide range of water heaters available! We also install High Efficiency Power Vent, Power Direct Vent, High Input Water Heaters, Light Commercial and Commercial.
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