What options do I have for paying my bill?

All standard methods of bill payment are available to pay your @home Energy bill.

  • Payment at your bank (you must must have a bank card), telephone or internet banking, and by calling @home Energy’s office directly to pay by Visa or MasterCard over the phone
  • To pay by cheque please include your full account number, addressed to:

@home Energy
PO Box 250
Sudbury, ON
P3E 4P1

Come into our location at 500 Regent Street (within the Greater Sudbury Utilities building). We accept cash, cheque, Interact, Visa or MasterCard.

Coming soon! Paperless billing option and automatic payment withdrawal from a credit card.


Pre-authorized payment plan options:

Variable Payment Plan: the exact amount of your quarterly bill will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account, on the due date of your bill.

Equal Payment Plan: an equal payment amount is withdrawn on the same day of every month with a reconciliation month once a year.

Download our  Automatic Withdrawal Registration Form

Variable payments or equal payment plan. Bank account withdrawals only.
Automatic credit card withdrawals available soon!


Registering New Payee for online banking?

If you’re having difficulty registering for online banking payments, it’s a good idea to phone your bank for help as they can walk you through it to ensure your payments reach your intended destination.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

When entering our company name, @home Energy, into your banking website you must spell it out – At Home Energy. Many bank websites do not accept symbols such as the @ symbol.

You should then be prompted to enter your 18-digit @home Energy account number; do not include a dash or space.

Water Heaters

Does @home Energy rent gas water heaters?

@home Energy offers a wide range of gas water heater models to choose from, including the energy-saving Tankless Water Heater.

Brands we carry: Bradford White, Rinnai, Navien.


Who do I contact if I’m moving?

If you are an owner selling your home, you must notify your lawyer that you have rental equipment from @home Energy, and they will forward us the appropriate paperwork to make sure it transfers successfully out of your name and into the purchasers name as of the closing date of the sale.

If there is an unexpired term in your rental contract, the new owner can accept the remaining period of the rental contract, otherwise you may be required to pay the remainder of the time left in the rental agreement.

If you are a tenant, please call us at 705.675.0525 or toll free at 1.866.245.7604 to provide your move information upon moving in and out.